Hey There!

I'm Rizza

I am a graphic designer, bunny mama, and adventure addict. Born and raised in Juneau, Alaska I knew I wanted an excuse to leave my little home town. 


So at the fresh age of 19, I studied abroad in Australia where I would begin and finish my studies with a Bachelor's in Graphic Design. 


After living abroad I was hooked on experiencing new cultures and seeing new sights.


Since then I was an Au Pair in Italy and have been to a long list of beautiful countries.


My Alaskan roots run deep which is what brought me back to Juneau for good. I couldn't stay away from the adventure and fresh Alaskan air.

I'm constantly inspired by the postcard-worthy scenery around us and I wouldn't have it any other way. 


Since I could walk I have always loved expressing myself through art. There's something addicting about the process of bringing my vision to life whether it's a logo, website, or wedding invitation. 

 I like to keep my style simple, yet exciting.

I strive to be straightforward in my work and don't believe in 'extra fluff' if it doesn't add to the design. 


Past clients would say I am
patient, creative, and can Make your vision a reality.

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ready to invest in your business?

Email me at info@zsquaredstudio.com, leave me a message on my contact page, or call me at 907-465-7115.


I look forward to going on this adventure with you!

a little more about me


Did you know that rabbits can be potty trained?! It's been such an adventure with these two fuzzy rascals!

They LOVE bananas, contrary to popular belief its not carrots that rabbits rave over it's bananas!

My fuzzy children Ruby & Nibbles


My wonderful family

Meet my handsome boys, my husband and son. The year 2021 was a really exciting year for the Marvel family as we welcomed the birth of our son in September.

Thanks to your support I am able to stay home and take care of my son while being able to design logos and brand businesses from all over Alaska.