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Design your brand in 5 days

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You're in the right place if you:

• Aren't ready to invest in a custom brand design

• Want to be part of the design process

• Need a brand refresh

• Are a designer, but need direction, its hard to design for yourself

*If you ever thought..... I want my brand to look better, but don’t know where to start

I feel indecisive about visuals have trouble deciding on one direction

I know what I like, but when I try to create it, it never looks as good

I'm nervous to put something out there and then have people judge it

I can't tell if what I'm doing is good, so I end up spiraling and giving up

In just one week you will learn

• Your signature style. Trust me I personally know how hard it can be to figure to nail down your style but with the exact same method I use on my clients we will get clear on what your signature style is and Ellie be able to create a brand that you love.

• How to find the right colors and fonts that resonate with your brand vibe, ideal client and target market.

• Design that follows professional design principles

• How to build a brand that's built on a strong foundation focused on putting your ideal customers first.

Here's a quick recap of what you're going to learn:


 How to create a killer brand on a budget (without hiring a designer)


 A proven framework for attracting more of the RIGHT customers


 Our designer secrets to push your brand to the next level and break through the noise


Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

Module 1: Create your brand strategy
Module 2: Define your style & colors
Module 3: Design your logo
Module 4: Build your design & photo library
Module 5: Choose your fonts & accent art
Module 6: Launch your brand!

You know you want a polished brand*

But you cant afford a designer to create a custom brand or you don't have knowledge or know where to start to create a DIY brand

So this is perfect for you....

But is this right for Me?

*1. What if I don’t have ANY design experience?

Well then, you’re in the right place! We made this course specifically for YOU,  the non-designer. We threw out all our fancy design programs and jargon, created a simple, step-by-step branding process, AND we give you a ton of starter templates so you’re never starting from scratch!

2. Will I really have a polished brand and toolkit done in 6 weeks?

Yes! (Well, technically 7 including the implementation week.) Everything is simplified to only what you REALLY need to know to create a killer brand—no fluff. We add to your Brand Guide + Brand Toolbox  each week, so you end up with a strategic, polished brand and toolkit. Plus, we’ve created so many templates and tools for you to make things even easier!

3. Why should I do this instead of hiring a designer?

Your brand will evolve a ton in your first few years, so we don’t recommend investing thousands in a custom brand right away. The most important thing is to have something strategic, polished, and cohesive that makes your business look legitimate and gives you the confidence to proudly promote your business. This course is the best way to create a strategic brand identity without a huge price tag.

4. Will this help me with social media and marketing?

Yes, absolutely. By nailing down your brand positioning, voice, and visuals—and with all the tools, training & templates you’ll receive—creating marketing graphics will become way easier & less stressful. In Module 6, we also cover how to communicate your message & value, and time-saving tips for creating social media content.

5. How much time will this take?

We designed this with the busy person in mind. You can squeeze in the bite-sized lessons (5-20 mins each) whenever it’s convenient for you (including on-the-go, in the mobile app). The course is laid out to take place over 7 weeks (6 modules + implementation week), but you’ll have lifetime access to the content, so you can revisit it at any time.

6. I already have a logo. Will this course still be valuable for me?

Yes, definitely. Your brand is so much more than just your logo—it’s the reason you exist, how you’re different from your competition, the way you talk, the value you provide, and how you show up consistently everywhere. We cover all the bases, so you walk away with clarity on your brand foundation as well as a fully-stocked brand toolkit.

7. Can’t I just do this on my own for free?

You could, yes. But we can make it WAY faster and easier, with a more successful result. We created this course because we saw new business owners struggling to DIY it on their own, unhappy with everything they created, and letting their branding become a barrier to progress. We want to help you get to the branding finish line  so you can start promoting yourself and landing customers!

8. Will this course help me charge more?

Yes! Having a polished and professional brand signals legitimacy and expertise to potential customers, which means they’ll be willing to pay a higher price tag. In Module 1, we also walk you through how to focus in on a niche and clearly communicate your value to them—both critical elements in order to charge a premium.

9. Do I have to own a business?

Nope! Though business-owners LOVE the program because it strengthens their business strategy, branding can be used for so many other things. We’ve helped with branding for personal blogs, non-profits, passion projects, content sites, and events.

10. I’m a designer. Will this course help me with my own branding clients?

Absolutely. You’re getting a complete, step-by-step branding framework you can use over & over to create and launch successful brands. Plus, the upfront branding strategy will be a game-changer to make you feel more confident digging deep with your own clients and setting them up for success.


Feeling EXCITED to put new content out because your brand is solid and focused, and your people WANT to hear from you.

The daily *breakdown*

Day one

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Day one is the Who, What, and Why. We will find out who your brand is for, what you do as a business, and why you do it. This is where we'll figure out the soul of the business so you can connect with and attract the right people—again, that ideal client.

1. Assessment

Day two

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Day 2 is your Mood Board. On this day, we will find your style using Pinterest and Canva.

2. Mood board

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Day three

Day 3, we will create the right vibe for your brand through a Color Palette and choosing your font style.

3. Color Palette and font style

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Day Four

Day 4 is when we will design your brand's Logo. Often mistaken as the most important part of your brand, this step is simply a visual representation of your business.

4. Logo

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Day Five

On Day 5, after we have everything selected and designed, we will put together your Brand Guidelines so you or your team can easily stick to your brand style.

5. Brand Guidlines

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? 

1. Purchase the video series

2. Check your email for a new video everyday

3. Complete the daily homework

4. Implement your new brand on your website, social media and other marketing materials

Do you offer refunds?

I am confident this mini video series will help you create the brand you have been dreaming of but if you end up feeling it isnt for you 


Yes, I require 50% down for logos and 25% down for websites. I am also open to custom payment plans (interest free!) to help make custom design affordable for your business.

Whats included


Ready to create your dream brand?