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2014 Christmas and New Year

February 12, 2015

Top: Sydney Opera House      

Bottom: Lauren and I at Coogee Carols


My sister and I had a great Christmas in Sydney. A couple of friends invited us to Coogee Carols at Coogee beach. Thinking the carols would just be a couple of carolers on a stand we didn’t think too much about it. When we got to the beach there was about a thousand or so people filling the whole beach in front of massive stage with famous Australian Country singers to one of the Wiggles! I wish I would of snapped a photo of the crowd it was amazing! The after carol fireworks were the icing on the cake! I have never seen anything like it in my life. There were slightly drunk parents and happy sugar rushed children everywhere! Everyone was having such a great time!


Top: My sister Rina and I at Bondi Beach on Christmas Day 

Bottom: Christmas Day at Bondi Beach


For Christmas we spent the day at Bondi Beach, which was ridiculously full we could hardly find a spot to lay down. I loved seeing everyone in their swimsuits and Santa hats. We spent the night drinking with a group of spontaneous people we met and ended up going for a late night skinny dip under the moon. There is nothing more freeing then feeling the ocean on your bare skin!


Entrance of Luna Park


New year in Sydney was more than I could imagine. My sister, my best friend and I got tickets to the Harbour Party at Luna Park. When we first got there it was an ordinary amusement part but as soon as the sun went down the compilation of the lights and people were just spectacular it was like a dream. We got to ride all the rides and watched the midnight fireworks over the Harbour Bridge. The music and fireworks were so perfect together it was spectacular. After the fire works there was an awesome light show and music playing in one of the large rooms. It was a New Years that I will never forget.

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