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Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island

February 24, 2015

Rainbow Beach


Rainbow beach was a small town with a small intimate beach. I spent my first day there at the beach and explored sand dunes with a new friend I made from France. We found cool rock formations and decided to climb down from the sand dune back to the beach only to realize that the rocks formations were actually compressed sand. When we tried to grab the rocks for grip they broke off and crumbled in our hands. The cool thing was that rock formations were different colors of red brown, brown, and black and looked really cool combining into each other. I’m guessing this is why its named rainbow beach.


Lead 4WD car that me and two other groups followed around the island


The second day my tour group and I drove 20-30 minutes to Fraser Island from Rainbow Beach where I spent my favorite time of my whole Australian trip camping 3 days and 2 nights on Fraser Island.


I went on the self-drive tour, which was well worth it. Driving a 4WD in sand was a new experience for me. Driving in the soft sand was almost the same as driving in snow. I’m really glad I had the chance to try something new.


Lake McKensie


The views on the island were mother-nature at its finest. We spent the first day at Lake McKensie, which was the most amazing lake I have ever seen. The pure white sand against the clear gradient blue water was nothing like I have never seen before. The nights on the Island were spent either dancing in the self-serviced club or drinking on the beach.


Champange Pools


On the Island we also checked out the Champagne Pools, which was named accordingly because when the ocean splashed over the rock pools, little bubbles would appear in the pools looking like Champagne.


The lake after our walk through the sand dunes 


Sand Dunes


The last day we spent hiking over the sand dunes to a lake. The day was so hot and humid the lake was the perfect nice refresher. It was seriously the hottest hike I have ever been on. I was constantly sweating and drank a full two liter bottle of water.  Also the sand was so hot from the sun I could feel it burn around my feet through my flip flops. Im pretty sure I lost half of the nerve endings on the bottoms of my feet. It seriously felt like I was walking on hot coals it was not fun.


The native Australian animals on the island were pretty cool. I saw some dingos and massive iguanas (seriously, MASSIVE). The briefing before going the island was actually quite terrifying listening to stories about giant jumping spiders and what happens to backpackers who wander by themselves.


My Jeep group


Everyone in the tour group 

Fraser Island was an experience that I will never forget. It was the best tour that I went on during my whole trip up the East Coast of Australia. I will never forget the breath taking scenery and wonderful people that I have met. I highly recommend this trip to everyone traveling the coast of Australia. It is one you CAN’T miss. 

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