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Airlie Beach/Sailing the Whitsundays

April 14, 2015

Sunset on the British Defender 


Airlie Beach


Airlie Beach was a gorgeous town filled a lot of shops and gorgeous views. From Airlie Beach I went on a 2 night / 2 day sailing trip to the Whitsundays. Sailing was another new experience that I absolutely loved.


Some people from the tour group  


There were about 18 people in the tour group, most of them were newly weds on their honey moon but there was a good handful of backpackers like myself in the mix also. Little did I know that this handful of backpackers would be some of the funniest, craziest and greatest people I have ever met in my life.


The crew on the sailboat (The British Defender) was so lovely they even taught us how to sail. It was a cool experience being a deck hand for a couple of days.
The nights were fun filled with goon (boxed wine) and dancing, a lot of dancing. One night we even took snorkel bombs through the snorkel masks! I’m surprised no one fell over board from being too drunk!

The boat was so hot during the night that a couple of us would sleep on top of the deck under the stars, which was beautiful until a storm hit on one of the nights that we ended up drenched and freezing cold from the rain so we ending up going back inside.


During the day we would go snorkeling, which is always great, I saw a heap of fish and a couple of huge sea turtles. One of the days we explored the Whit Sunday Islands, which was absolutely breathtaking. The sand was so white and fine that it would squeak under your feet when you walk. A couple of us girls even used the sand to exfoliate our skin. The sand is so fine that if it were to get in your phone it would eventually stop working.




After the second night of drinks and dancing I had seasickness the whole morning we sailed back to Airlie Beach. I fed the fishes quite a few times that morning and I have never drank goon since!


The After party when we arrived back on land was great too! My new group of friends and I had dinner together at a reserved table specifically for our boat. There were also other boats at the pub too that had their after party at the same venue.


The entertainment was so energetic and lively. I have never seen anyone play the guitar so enthusiastically! We all had a great time dancing and prancing around, especially because we were the only ones dancing in the place! Sailing the Whit Sundays was definitely my second favorite trip up the East Coast of Australia. 

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