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June 2, 2015

Snorkeling in Cairns


Cairns was a good place to end my travels. I got to go scuba diving and snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef. The reef was more colorful in Cairns than it was in the Whitsundays. There wasn’t as much fish but I did get to see a stingray and a lot of beautiful coral.

We wore full stinger suits with a hood and gloves to protect us from any jelly fish. Some jelly fish are as small as a fingernail as extremely dangerous.

The Esplanade was a great place to relax and read a book. The grass was a nice change of scenery from all the beaches I have been to.


I’m so glad that I decided to go Scuba Diving last minute on the boat. It was a great experience. Getting used to breathing into the mouth piece was a bit nerve racking but the instructor  doesn’t let you go further down unless you are feeling comfortable so I could not be happier with my beginner scuba diving experience.

 Great Barrier Reef


I stayed at NJoy Hostel which had a fun Hawaiian pizza night on Tuesday, and it was free so it was even better!  

If I could go to Cairns again I would definitely stay at Gilligan’s since I was enjoying the party scene and it was for sure the party hostel. Ladies night at Gilligan’s was so fun I’m glad that I sacrificed sleep instead of sleeping early to catch my flight back home! 


 Partying in Cairns with the wonderful girls I met on my Whit Sunday Cruise 


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