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Camping at Boy Scout Beach

June 25, 2015

My sister and her friend from college were in town for a week before my sister started her summer Grad School classes, so we decided to make the most of it by going camping! Luckily it was a beautiful warm and sunny day, which is usually rare but has been happening so much lately I don’t even question it anymore.

 We decided to go out to Eagle Beach since my sister hasn’t been before. The walk out to the beach with all our gear was not the best trek but we were so thankful there was no incline! We set camp right on the beach, which was the best idea ever! I swear the sun never actually set and the sky stayed twilight all night.

I am always so glad when visitors can experience the true beauty of Alaska with nothing but a tent and a bon fire. There is nothing I love more than a true Alaskan summer under the stars with great company, a self made fire, and Smores, I love Smores.  











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