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Haines Fair

August 2, 2015

 View from the Ferry Wheel 


Haines fair was so fun I cant even explain it! I went with a really good friend from High School friend and had a complete blast! We camped on the beach for 2 nights and explored the fair grounds for 3 days. The days were spent in a happy haze exploring Haines and the fairgrounds and eating lots of food! The nights were spent with drinks and dancing until the bands ended. The nighttime bon fires were a perfect way to end the night with everyone who was camping near us on the beach.


One of my favorite acts at the fair was the huge xylophone band that is actually from Juneau! They had xylophones of all sizes made with all different materials. I swear one was even 5 feet wide with xylophone tubes that you could fit your head into! I have never heard anything so cool, I definitely could not sit still through the whole thing.


My other favorite show at the fair was the Puppet show. It definitely was not a regular puppet show with glove puppets or dolls on strings it was an eclectic mixture of shadow puppets to marionettes. The storyline was so bizarre I’m not sure if I even knew what was going on the whole time but my favorite skit was definitely the “Space Man” being high in space.


With face painting and feather or colored hair extensions along with fun music, clothing booths and food it was a great fair for everyone in the family. If you’re up for a party I would definitely go camping and find a spot on the beach with everyone else. Luckily we never had any problems with theft leaving our tents on the beach and everyone for the most part was wonderful. I would definitely go again next year!!!



Some of the Fair Grounds 



Sunset on the Ferry Back to Juneau 



 Awesome Haines Fair Poster

 Another Sunset on the Ferry back to Juneau

Camping on the Beach




Alena and I on the ferry (check out my feather hair extension hehe)

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