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First Italian Football Game - Turin, Italy

April 10, 2016

I watched my first Italian football game (soccer) with other Au Pairs who also live around Torino. We watched Torino FC against Atlanta B.C. FC. We were guessing the Stadio Olimpico di Torino (stadium) wasn't as crowed as usual because it wasn't a Juventus game which is the more popular football club in Torino.


My favorite part of the game was being in the atmosphere. I love watching people get into a sport and start yelling and chanting songs to cheer their teams on. Surprising the game was only $10 Euros which was incredibly cheap taking in account that I just watched a Sounders FC soccer game in Seattle, USA last week and it was $70 USD. For a $10 Euro game it was an enjoyable form of entertainment on a Sunday. 


Me and the other Turino Au Pairs



Another picture at the Football Game  



After the football we had aperitivo together at one of the local bars near the Torino Square (I didn't catch the name of the bar). Aperitivo in Italy is a couple of hours usually between 7pm and 9pm used to relax for a post work drink and nibbles before dinner which is usually around 9pm. This particular aperitivo was set up as a buffet. I was so shocked to hear that a 'buffet' was only $12 for food and a drink! Technically an aperitivo is not suppose to replace dinner but since it was the perfect time to eat dinner in our respective home countries (America, South Africa, Canada, England) we couldn't resist. The buffet was filled with a bunch of different appetizers from cheeses, hams, stuffed vegetables and a lot of new foods I have never seen before. 



Despite trouble communicating with the hostess the food was worth it. My favorite food was the small raw sausages, I haven't been able to find the name but it was definitely up my alley since I 

love raw fish. To top the day off we had some drinks at an Absinthe bar which had a ton of different cocktails for $6 Euros. 


 Alaska and Africa Cocktails at the absinthe bar


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