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La Mandria Park - Venaria Italy

April 7, 2016

La Mandria Park is about a 20 minute walking distance from my house in Venaria. To save some time I tried to rent a city bike but since the instructions were in Italian and it was too much of a hassle.


When I got there the park I didn't realize how big and spread out the park is, all the main attractions were a good 500+ meters from each other. I was definitely regretting not taking a bike with me. There were also options of taking a horse carriage or train around the park but I didn't find out about them until after I left. There was so much to see I decided to only check out the castle since I was on foot. While I was walking on the sidewalk about 50 meters left up the hill to the castle I heard hissing and looked down to see a snake at my feet. My stress level went for 0 to 1000 in a couple seconds. I have lived in Australia for three years and have never seen a live snake before. I was surprised to see one on my third day in Italy. I sprinted out of there so fast hoping the snake wouldn't follow me. Luckily when I looked back all it did was stare at me. I’m not sure if running was the smartest idea but I was in serious shock mode my instinct told me to run. 





When my heart rate came back to normal and I finally arrived at the castle. I walked up the marble stairs to the top floor and was blown away by all the detail and the number of rooms.  I had no expectations so everything I saw was mind blowing. The patterned ceilings and gold coping were fantastic and each room had a different vintage wall paper on the ceiling and the walls. I loved the antique furniture with neatly upholstered and plush chairs and imperial fluffy beds. The walls were filled with perfectly aligned painted portraits in different shaped frames from circular to rectangular. It was like looking into a fairytale book. I couldn't imagine living in a room so perfect and elegant. 




When I arrived back to the Venaria town square I had lunch at this cute little pink and lacy cafe where I had a focaccia and an Italian coffee which in american standards is called an espresso. The coffee also came with a shot of sparkling water to wash it down. One thing I learned very quickly is that Italians definitely love their sparkling water. Italian coffee is more flavorful than an american espresso. The flavor is fuller and has a nice thick creamy texture to it and it doesn't have a bitter after taste. Italians also drink coffee after meals to help with their digestion other than just to wake up as Americans do. 




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