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Reggia Di Venaria - Venaria, Italy

April 9, 2016

I spent my first weekend in Italy at the outdoor market in Venaria. I was surprised by how cheap the items were for a market. I bought $3 leggings and a $2 bag of mixed candy which I definitely thought was a steal!


After the markets I visited the Reggia di Venaria, which is the royal palace in Venaria. The first step through the gates is a wide open courtyard with beautiful stone flooring and a small fountain in the middle. 


 The outside of the palace 




The garden at the back of the castle was so massive it had an upper and lower garden, sadly I only had time to explore the upper garden but I will be back to do the rest. Currently it is only spring time so all of the flowers haven't bloomed yet but I could see the potential beauty. The rose garden would be a spectacular place to have lunch or just lay on the grass.


 Part of the upper garden from the palace


The back of the palace from the garden


 The palace from the upper garden


Statue of Hercules




Inside the palace was stunning of course with portrait painted ceilings and detailed furnishings. I still cant believe people used to live in these buildings! The detail in every inch of the palace architecture down to the perfectly upholstered furniture and carefully hung painted portraits are definitely up to royalty standards.

Inside the Palace 




My favorite part of the castle was the Hall of Diana since it was so open and almost all white except for the black and white checkered floor. I loved all the natural light coming through the windows and the relief sculptures on the ceilings. 


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