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Varigotti Beach - Varigotti, Italy

June 6, 2016

Whats better than going to the beach on a hot weekend in Italy? Another Au Pair and I took a BlaBla car (a carpooling platform in Europe where people can travel with drivers who have empty seats) from Venaria Reale to the Nori Coast in Liguria, Italy which took about 2.5 hours. 


We made friends with the other passenger in the car who happened to be a local and showed us some great local places. We started the day off at Varigotti Beach. It was wonderfully secluded and free, differing from the crowded main Liguria beach filled with umbrellas and beach chairs for rent. The town of Varigotti is small and humble with cream and deep orange colored block shaped buildings and palm tree lined streets.

Varigotti Beach


The humble town of Varigotti 


The weather was a perfect 24 celcius and the water was very crisp and cold at first but it was absolutely perfect after you getting used to it. 


After lunch we went to another hidden beach where we had to climb to the top of a tower overlooking Varigotti and had to rock climb down a cliff with an existing rope. Luckily my Alaskan climbing skills were very useful! It was a great little beach with a small crowd of people with some of them being happy to tan in the nude. 


It was was a great day trip and on the plus side I got an excellent tan. 

Rock climbing down the cliff to the beach


View from the Tower 



 View of Varigotti Beach from the tower



The secluded beach at the bottom of the cliff   


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