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I'm Rizza.

I'm a graphic designer, adventure addict, detail-oriented, and overly passionate, type of person.

If you are looking for more than just design you are in the right place.


What makes me different from other designers is that I design not only for aesthetics but for strategy.

I will make sure your brand not only looks good but also converts.


With my special brand assessment, we will find your creative direction so your logo and brand are both strategically aligned to your brand values and vision.

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creating aligned logos, branding, and websites for passionate business owners

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what can you expect when working with me?

brand strategy

A good brand is a strategic brand, the reason so many new businesses fail is simply that they don’t have a plan.


Design works the same way. You need a strategy in order to scale your business. This is where my one of a kind brand assessment sets me apart from other designers.

return on investment

Brand design is not a cost, it's an investment. An investment that brings in more customers through a graphically striking, attractive, and cohesive brand.

Streamline process

After signing a contract you will receive my brand or website assessment where we go further into detail about your vision. 

Next comes the creative direction then the proofing stage. You can trust that my process is organized and set up to create beautiful and aligned graphics.

How can you expect your customers to invest in you if you don't invest in yourself?

Investing in good branding may not seem instantly rewarding, but in the long run, great branding will make you more money.

Great design says, "We're Professionals" and leaves a lasting first impression. Did you know humans have attraction bias? We're naturally attracted to things that are beautiful, and that could be your logo and branding!

Blow your competition out of the water and say bye-bye to the DIY look and hello to luxury.

Together we can create an impactful brand that attracts your ideal client.

Did you know you have 8 seconds to capture someone’s attention? This is why great website design is so important.


Imagine choosing between two bottles of shampoo, same price, same quality, same smell, the only difference is the packaging. You always choose the more attractive packaging.

Don't miss out on clients because your website is out of date.


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