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Professionally Designed Website Templates

Without the Professional Price Tag

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Trying to Build a Website From Scratch Can Feel Intimidating

And even though you know you need a good website to establish credibility with customers, you don't want to spend your time learning how to build a website or invest in custom design.

These Wix website templates make it so you don't have to.

For a fraction of the cost, you'll get a website where every page is laid out for you; all you have to do is add the images, write the copy, and change the color palette.

Designed for Beginners and Non-Designers,

Wix Website Templates Make Professional Design Easy

While other website builders claim to be drag and drop, Wix truly is—and that's just one of their many features.

Easy-to-Edit Site Design

Rather than having to change individual text or colors, Wix allows you to customize your website's theme, which applies changes across your website with the click

of a button.

Large Library of Elements

Using Wix's library of elements, you'll have access to hundreds of options when it comes to adding sections, images, shapes, buttons, and more. Unlike other website builders that require coding for elements like contact forms, the back end is already set up so there's no coding involved.

App Store for Integrations

Using Wix's app store, you can

easily connect your Instagram to your Wix site or add other interactive elements.

Everything in One Place

From sending invoices to automating your workflow, Wix is a one-stop shop for managing and marketing your business.


In other words, it's way more than just a website builder!

Templates Include

Templates Include...

  • 5-page website template built on Wix

    • Home, about, contact, services, and two extra pages

  • 30-minute video that walks you through editing your specific template​

    • Including ways to fix common problems you may come across​

  • Copy prompts that guide you through what to write for the different sections of your template​

Skip the Time Spent

Skip the Time Spent...

  • Learning how to build a website from scratch

  • Testing out different platforms, themes, and colors to try and figure out what looks best

  • Comparing other websites to try and guess what sections to include on your website


How It Works

Select Your Template

Before purchasing your template, click through the different pages to see the different sections included and make sure it's the vibe you're looking for.


View Video and Edit Site

You can access the training video at any time, which means you can either watch it before getting started or use it as you go through editing the template!


Set Up Your Wix Account

Once you purchase your template, you'll set up a free Wix account. Within 2 business days, the template will be available in your account

for editing.



To publish your site, you'll use Wix's guide that walks you through each step, including how to purchase your domain. Once you've completed their checklist, your site will be live!


juneau-alaska-branding-rizza-zsquared-47 copy.jpg

Hello, I'm Rizza—Brand, Logo, and Website Designer.

I'm passionate about supporting business owners no matter what stage they're in, which is why I created these drag-and-drop website templates.

Designed for anyone who is ready for their own website and feels comfortable taking on the task themselves, these website templates are made to look professional

and beautiful, all without having to start from scratch.

Not interested in doing it yourself?


Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to actually edit the templates?

Wix is a drag-and-drop website platform created for those who aren’t designers, making it one of the easiest website builders to use! From integrating different interactive elements like your Instagram feed into your website layout to changing your colors and fonts with just a few clicks, Wix makes these templates easy to edit. 

And if you get stuck, there’s even an AI feature that can help with reworking a section by providing layouts to choose from.

Will it look unprofessional since it's a template?

Absolutely not! All of these templates are professionally designed, so while you'll be uploading your photos and writing your copy, the different design elements will remain the same.

Do you offer a template customization service?

Yes! To learn more about the details, inquire.

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