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With a Love for Alaska and Eye for Aesthetics

Meet Your Brand Designer


Hey there! I’m Rizza

Graphic Designer and Adventure Addict.

From elementary to university art was always my favorite subject. Painting, drawing, sculpture, you name it I wanted to try it all. Naturally I've always been reserved and art was an easy way for me to express myself without words. 

And now that I get to be creative while creating for my clients it's a dream come true. 

 Born and raised in Juneau, Alaska
I knew I wanted an excuse to leave my little hometown. 

So at the fresh age of 19, I studied abroad in Australia where I received my BA in Graphic Design. I went on to be an Au Pair in Italy and have since visited a long list of beautiful countries. 


My Alaskan roots run deep which is what brought me back to Juneau for good. 

Influenced by my experiences abroad and the post-card-worthy scenery of Alaska, I design inspired by different perspectives so that whatever we create together is immersed in creativity, beauty, and the feeling of home.

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When it comes to design, simple is always better which is why I like to keep my style minimal yet exciting. That way, your brand tells the story of you and your business without the unneeded “fluff.”


I aim to create with intention so that every piece of the design is there for a reason. The reason? Helping you stick out from your competition.


Relying on my experience and my background in graphic design, I combine aesthetics with strategy so you get a brand designed to turn visitors into customers.


Recently Awarded

Gold in the Best of Juneau Awards 2022 & 2023 Graphic Design Category


Thank you Juneau!



When we work together, we’ll never design something for purely aesthetics or because it’s the latest trend. Instead, everything is created to represent you.



I value your opinion and always want to hear your thoughts. Throughout the process, I’ll ask for your feedback. That way, everything you walk away with is something you love.



Whether you need support with finding the right resources or help discovering your signature style, I’m here every step of the way.


What it's like to work together

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Get to Know Me

Get to Know Me

Camping and sleeping under the stars.

I love time spent:

Being Alaskan. My love of Alaska is such a big part of who I am and inspires every aspect of my life and business.

Something that’s important to me:

Two rabbits who are potty trained and roam the house freely, and Fletcher, my 1-year-old son who loves showing the rabbits his favorite toy: a remote control.

I’m a mama to:

A good strawberry milkshake!

I love to drink:

In my free time, you might find me:


We’ll get along  great  if you…

  • Are also inspired by the beauty of Alaska and its unique way of life. 

  • Also believe you can’t expect people to invest in your business if you don’t invest in yourself. 

  • Are someone who isn’t afraid to share your thoughts and ideas with others.

  • Care more about staying true to who you are than following the latest design trends.


Ready to
work together?


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