Logo & Brand Design that will help you 
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Don't have the time, energy, or knowledge to create your own brand?

I can take care of it all for you. 

A good brand is a strategic brand, the reason why branding misses the mark is simply that there is no plan or strategy.


Lucky for you, brand strategy is part of my process so your logo and brand will authentically showcase your business every single time.

How can you expect your clients to invest in you if you don't invest in yourself?


what is branding? do I need it?

Branding is more than just your logo, it’s the vibe, face, and personality of your business. 

Do you need it? Absolutely yes! Branding is the first emotional connection you make with your ideal customer. 

Think of your brand as the physical person who welcomes customers to your business. People buy from people, which is why bringing the right vibes and personality will attract your ideal customers.

Do you want your brand to be professional? Feminine? Powerful? Together we will narrow down your creative direction creating an aligned and attractive brand your customers will love.

how does it work?

1. Contract and retainer

I will send you a contract to make sure we are on the same page which you will sign and email back to me. The retainer payment will also be sent at this time.

4. Final Files

Once everything is approved your files will be packaged up and ready for you to use on social media, print materials or your website. 

2. Assessment

Fill out my one of a kind brand assessment so we can get a clear creative direction before we start designing. This will ensure you get a logo or brand you love.

5. Launch your brand

Show off your new branding on social media or your website for the world to enjoy.

3. Proofing

Now that we narrowed down your signature style here comes the fun part. Logo or branding proofs! The first proof will be emailed to you within 48 -78 hours.

6. Enjoy

Enjoy your new branding feel free to email me with any questions or concerns or continue on with me to create a website that makes you money.

why choose me over other designers?

While everyone else designs purely on aesthetics together we will design strategically with my one of kind brand assessment so you can make a return on your investment.

logo only Packages

Investment starting at $400

1. Creative Direction

Brand assessment worksheet for an aligned and strategic logo

2. Logo proofs x3 ($60 per additional proof)

3. Basic files
    - PDF, JPG and PNG files
    - Vertical and Horizontal Files
(if applicable depends on the logo)
You can expect 3 - 6 final files

Not Included:

Color variations of your logo

Branding or Launch Graphics
Color Palette



1. Creative Direction

Brand assessment worksheet for an aligned and strategic logo

2. Logo proofs x4 ($60 per additional proof)

3. All the files you need for print and digital in PDF, JPG, PNG Color Variants such as:
    -Full Color (if applicable)

    -White text (for dark backgrounds)

Possible Logo Lock Ups

    -Horizontal Orientation

    -Vertical Orientation
    -Type only

Not Included:

Branding or Launch Graphics
Color Palette


  silver PACKAGE  


Branding Package

Investment starting at $1300

1. Creative Direction

Brand assessment worksheet and moodboard for an aligned and strategic logo

2. Logo Proofs x4 ($60 per additional proof)

3. All the files you need
for print and digital in PDF, JPG, PNG (15+ files)

Color Variants such as:
    -Full Color (if applicable)

    -White or White text (for dark backgrounds)

Logo Lock Ups

    -Horizontal Orientation (if applicable)

    -Vertical Orientation (if applicable)
    -Type only (if applicable)

4. Branding
5 social media templates edited in Canva to help get you started

5. Color Palette

Hex codes and CMYK values so you can incorporate your color palette in all future marketing material

6. Typesuite
Custom header, subhead and paragraph font that is specifically chosen to work aesthetically with your logo so all your marketing materials stay on brand

  Gold PACKAGE  


Consistent branding increases revenue by 23%

How? It gains trust with your ideal customers. more trust = more income

When you see the colors red and yellow together what brand do you immediately think of? Yep, that's right, McDonald's. 


Imagine walking into McDonald's, to order your favorite meal. The worker hands you the go-to bag and you open it up surprised to see that the packaging is now purple and orange. 

You immediately lose trust and wonder...is this a scam? That is the power of consistent branding.

together we will create more than just a logo, we will bring in more revenue

does your brand make you money?

Your logo and branding should work for you bringing trust to your customers and in the end, making you more money.

Let's say you're at the store and you're holding 2 different shampoo bottles. They smell the same, are the same price, and use the same ingredients. The only difference is the packaging, you always choose the more attractive packaging. Your logo and brand will stick out in a sea of DIYers.

The more attractive the packaging the more memorable you will be, especially in a saturated market.

Don't turn away potential customers by having an ordinary logo and boring branding. Attract your dream customers today. All you have to do is click pricing below.

does your brand make you money?


Frequently asked Questions

What are your prices?

My prices are set at a flat rate. Click here to get started. 

What is the difference between logo and brand design?

Logo design is your business showcased in a visual brand mark.


Brand design is everything that brings your brand to life. This means colors, graphics, typeface, photography, and of course your logo. It's what makes your brand recognizable to your ideal customers and clients. 

Do I need to pay a down payment before we start?

Yes, I do require a retainer of 50% of the total price.

How many proofs do I get to create a logo I love?

I provide 3-4 proofs depending on your chosen package.

How long will it take to finish my logo?

With constant email communication (1-3 days between emails) it can take about 2-3 weeks to finish a logo.

How does your process work?

After booking, I will send over a contract stating the details we discussed. Once the contract is signed and returned I will send over a branding assessment for you to fill out. After I receive the assessment you will choose your creative direction and I will start on your logo and will have the first proof ready within 2-3 business days.

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