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How to Balance Work While Being a Stay at Home Mom

Updated: May 13, 2022

I am super fortunate enough to be able to work from home as a graphic designer while being a stay at home mom.

Before Fletcher was born I had a super naive image of motherhood. I thought that I would be able to get things done during nap time but boy I was wrong. In reality those dreamy 2-3 hour naps are anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

Getting quality work done within that time frame is almost impossible. Between Fletcher constantly wanting to be held and other baby needs mothers know too well (the mom guilt is strong) I needed to find a way to balance motherhood and work.

So here are some tips that have helped me be able to balance motherhood and business.

1. Create a schedule

Creating a schedule has helped me create boundaries between motherhood and business. Having a set schedule has made me feel less guilty about having to work instead of spending quality time with my son. Something that has worked for me is not turning my computer on till 2pm. This way I can stick to my morning routine where I can focus on spending time with my son without feeling the pressure of work.

2. Get a helping hand

If it's an option for you to have a baby sitter for a couple hours or have your child go to daycare, do it. If you thought there weren't enough hours in the day before motherhood now you're left with even less time. Now more than ever it's super important to spend your work hours wisely and efficiently. Trust me those hours of uninterrupted work will make all the difference. If you cant afford daycare and maybe consider hiring a high school student to watch your kids for a couple hours after school.

3. Plan your week and projects

Planning your week and projects ahead means that you can dedicate a certain time frame to get your tasks done. Before I designated certain days for my projects I would multitask and start all my projects at once. But multitasking made me feel super unaccomplished and would leave me asking myself "what did I get done" at the end of the day. Planning out my projects helped me focus on completing one task from start to finish and finally being able to have days that felt productive.

4. Turn off your phone

This one may sound like a no brainer but it really does make a difference, so turn off your phone or put it in a different room. Whatever you need to do to fully concentrate on your task until it is done. Don't start a project then decide you need to take a break on your phone. If you need a break stand up, do some light stretching, get a drink of water but do not go down the rabbit hole of being on your phone.

5. Set a timer

One thing that has helped me accomplish more in one sitting is setting a timer. I've noticed, and I'm sure you have experienced this too, that when I have a certain time frame to finish something I work more effectively. I like to set my timer up for one hour or however long I think the task will take and I fully concentrate on that task. This means I go to the bathroom, grab water and snacks sit at my computer and do nothing else but focus on one task for 1 hour. You can even take this a step further and turn off the Internet on your computer if the Internet is distracting for you.

Summing it all up in order to balance business and motherhood you need to be able to take the time that you have and use it wisely. Be sure to set up time in your day to focus on your little one as well because thats the beauty of working from home. You can make your own schedule and follow your own rule. I hope these tips help you stay focused and feel more accomplished during your day.

Talk to you soon!


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