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How to get rid of the never ending to do list

Being a business owner can be overwhelming when you wear all the hats. Marketing, designer, publicist, social media marketing, we do it all. As entrepreneurs we have so many new ideas, new inspirations, new goals, how do we stop ourselves from the overwhelm of a constant to do list?

We always add more to our list but never sacrifice space. In order to stop ourselves from being overwhelmed we need to learn how sacrifice space and cut down our to do list.

But how do we cut down our to do list? With clear goals and priorities.

Here are some tips to help you cut down your list.

1. Clearly define your goals

Let's use my current goals as an example

  1. Sell more premade branding templates

  2. Take on less client work

2. Before adding to your list decide if it helps you reach your goals

Let's say an opportunity comes up where someone recommends me for designing a wedding invitation suite. Does taking on this job help me reach my goals? No. So instead of adding yet another thing to my to do list I am going to walk away from this opportunity and pass it on to someone who is more suitable for the job. What you miss out in income you gain time to reach you goals.

3. Cut out tasks that are no longer serving you.

If you are not getting the client load you want from social media instead of posting 5 times a week post 2 times a week and make them HIGH QUALITY posts.

4. Follow a 1:1 ratio

Sacrifice the least important task on your list to make room for a new task.

5. Keep a brain dump journal

As entrepreneurs we always get caught up in new ideas and learning new skills. Before adding more to your to do list write them down in a journal first. It doesn't have to be pretty or organized. Just dump it on a page and get it off your mind. Later you can truly assess if this new thought will help you reach your goals and if it should be added to the list.

6. Remember your whole life should not revolve around your business.

Life should be about LIVING so don't forget to spend time with yourself, friends or family. Making time for life is always time well spent. Stop feeling guilty about all the things on your list. There are hardly any tasks on our lists that truly can not wait.


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