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how to stay consistent with goals

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Consistency is key when it comes to running a business but let's admit it. It's HARD⁠

Here are some tips to help you down the path of consistency:⁠

1. Have a plan⁠

A plan will help you direct your actions, thoughts, effort, and time. For example, you could prepare your meals for the week or plan to work on your business from 5pm-7pm on weekdays.


2. Make a conscious decision to remain consistent⁠

Consistent actions require consistent thinking, specifically consistent thoughts that you are and will remain consistent. Say out loud to yourself, “I am committed to being consistent!" ⁠

3. Be patient 

You will not develop a habit overnight it could take months to permanently change your behavior. Months. That’s a lot of hard work patience and focus. Don’t forget to celebrate the small wins to keep you motivated.⁠

4. Forgive your failures⁠

You are human, you will get tired, you will miss a day and that’s okay. Forgive your failures and keep moving forward. What else can you do? Just try not to miss more than 1 day in a row. ⁠


If you are “not feeling like it”…do it anyway.⁠

If you are sad…do it anyway.⁠

If you are busy…do it anyway.⁠

If you are tired…do it anyway.⁠

If you are unmotivated…do it anyway.⁠

If you are unsure…do it anyway.⁠

If you find yourself making excuses…do it anyway.⁠

Consistent action is what brings success. Here's more tips from Lifehack to help you stay consistent:


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