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How Can ChatGPT Be Used in Business - Ep. 22

Updated: Jun 17

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The past two episodes if you've been listening are about how ChatGPT is such a time saver and I wanted to do one more episode about how ChatGPT can be used in business in general.

If you're ready to save time and energy let's dive in. First things first, What is Chat GPT?

If you're wondering what ChatGPT is, it's an artificial intelligence website where you can ask questions, and it will spit out answers for you. is the website if you want to try it yourself. It's a great tool that you can basically use as a virtual assistant.

1. Repurpose Podcast Show Notes into Instagram posts

I love using ChatGPT to repurpose content. For my marketing strategy, I have this podcast, which I then turn into 1 to 2 Instagram posts and then one really short email that promotes my podcast so that my listeners know when a new episode is live.

After I write my show notes I'm ready to create an Instagram post that goes along with it. I copy a section or two from the show notes into ChatGPT and then I ask it to rewrite the copy into an Instagram caption.

I really like Amy Porterfield and Jenna Kutchers' easy going and friendly tone. If you dont know them they are big brands in the online world. When I enter my prompt in CharGPT I will say something like "Turn this into an Instagram Post with a hook for the first sentence, a clear body, and an ending paragraph for a call to action to listen to the podcast or read the blog for more information. Write it in the tone of Amy Porterfield" Then I paste the copy from my show notes that I want it to use and it spits up something like this:

📚 Today, we're diving deep into the world of typography – one of the most critical design elements you need to master. It's everywhere we look, from street signs to social media graphics, and it plays a massive role in how your audience perceives your message.

🤔 Creating text that's engaging, eye-catching, and conveys your brand's personality can be a daunting task. But, fear not! We've got some typography tips that will take your text from bland to brilliant. Let's roll up our sleeves and get started.

🔍 Tip 1: Embrace Type Hierarchy Typography isn't just about aesthetics; it's about effective communication. Enter type hierarchy – the GPS for your text, guiding your audience's eyes to the most critical parts of your message. 🧭

📚 Think of it as a visual journey through your content, where you decide what your audience should read first, second, and so on. Take websites, for example – you instinctively scan the headings first, right? That's type hierarchy at play, making information easily scannable and digestible.

🚀 Apply this to your designs by considering what you want your audience to notice first. Your most vital message should be the largest and most prominent, ensuring it catches your reader's eye. Then, gradually decrease font sizes for less critical information. This strategy will make your text not only visually appealing but also a breeze to read.

🎧 Want more design wisdom? Tune in to our latest podcast episode or check out our blog for a deeper dive. Let's level up your typography game together! 💪📝 #TypographyTips #DesignMastery #CreativeSkills

With emojis, hashtags, and all. I never post what ChatGPT spits out exactly as is because I feel like it doesn't sound like me and it uses a lot of words I would never use. I always go in and edit it to sound more like me, more human. And I shorten it so it's more straightforward and concise as well.

2. Repurpose Podcast Show notes into an Email Something that I've added to my marketing strategy is sending out a weekly email to my subscribers to let them know that I have a new podcast episode published.

And of course again ChatGPT to the rescue I like to use it to write these emails for me. The same concept is used again I will take the copy from the show notes blog and paste it after a prompt that says: "Turn this into a short 5-sentence email highlighting what the podcast episode is about and to tune in. Keep the email short, sweet to the point without any fluff in the tone of Amy Porterfield." Then I edit it how I want and I go on about my day. Simple, straight to the point.

3. Writing Emails ChatGPT is a great assistant for writing emails. You can use a prompt like, “Write a polite email to a potential client, talking about our Basic Logo Package. Highlight what makes us different: Designing with strategy to convert and not just aesthetics, and offer to schedule a discovery call to learn more about their business needs and goals.” Then it gives me everything from the subject line to the beginning paragraph, a what to expect middle section and then the closing sentences. Add your human and personal touch then bam! The email is written for you subject line and all.

ChatGPT Example of how I use it to write emails

Having ChatGPT write your emails is also great for those awkward moments. Let’s say you haven't been receiving payments from a client and you don’t want to sound pushy but you need to be professional and firm you can have ChatGPT write it for you and it takes a lot of pressure off.

You can say something like, “Write me an email for a client who has stopped paying their monthly fee. The tone should be professional and firm. I want them to know that the project has stopped and will be put on hold until payments resume.” I always feel chatGPT uses a lot of filler words and it kinda drags things on too long so one thing that I do after they give me an output I will say something, “condense the email into two paragraphs, keep it short and concise and get rid of big filler words” And it does a great job of editing the text down to something more straightforward.

ChatGPT example for how I condense the output

4. Proofreading and Editing When I go to present a logo to a client I put my logo concepts in a logo presentation accompanied by a short paragraph about why I designed the logo this way and my ideas behind it. I always felt like it took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to say about a logo and I also struggled with editing the paragraph in a way that sounded professional, made sense and was clear and concise.

What I love to use ChatGPT for is taking what I have originally written and using a prompt like:

“Make this logo description better, clear and concise, without filler words and written in a professional but friendly and easygoing tone: Here is the new concept which I think is really fun and dynamic. The colors match the order of the Philippines flag. What makes the Philippines sun recognizable is the pointed ends of each sun ray so I made sure that the rays were prominent so the symbolism is clear. I thought it would be fun to have the elements go slightly outside of the rectangle to keep things interesting." Here's what it came up with: Here's a fresh concept that's both dynamic and fun. The colors align perfectly with the Philippines flag's sequence. To ensure the unmistakable representation of the Philippines sun, I've emphasized the pointed ends of its rays. Adding a playful touch, I've extended some elements beyond the rectangle's boundaries, injecting an extra dose of liveliness.

After some human editing, I get a clear explanation of the reasoning behind the logo. What I love is that it will come up with a couple of adjectives and ideas that I have never thought of before but work really well with the points I was trying to get across. The fact that it gives you more ideas and inspiration than you initially had is amazing.

Recap And there you have it those are four ways that I use ChatGPT in my business.

1. Repurpose Podcast Show Notes into Instagram posts

2. Repurpose Podcast Show notes into an Email

3. Writing Emails

4. Proofreading and Editing The further I go into my business journey I will let you know if I come up with any other ways I use ChatGPT. If you have another way that you use ChatGPT that I haven't mentioned I would love to know either leave a comment on my podcast or leave a comment on the show notes. You can also find me on Instagram, my handle is Z Squared Studio As always talk to you later and happy designing. Z Squared Studio is a Brand and Web Design Studio based in Juneau, Alaska. Check out for custom brand design, logo design, or web design.


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