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The Rise of AI in Design with the AI Advantage Agency Show - Ep. 40

Updated: May 22

In this blog post I'm sharing an overview of an interview that I did with Colin and Kim from the AI Advantage Agency show, which you can find on YouTube.

Where we talk a little bit about brand and web design and AI and just some thoughts of how AI. Works within web design and brand design. And if it's interfering with artists and art at all, Just a fun little conversation that you might find interesting.

So, if you want to read a quick synopsis feel free to read below or listen to the podcast episode or watch the original YouTube Video.

Welcome back, everyone, to another insightful dive into the world of design, branding, and the magic that happens when creativity meets artificial intelligence. Today, we're unpacking a gem of an episode from the "AI Advantage" show, where hosts Collin Episcopo and Kim Reynolds sit down with the visionary behind Z Squared Studio, Rizza Marvel.

1. Blending Natural Inspiration with Artificial Intelligence

Rizza's journey from the picturesque landscapes of Juneau, Alaska, to founding a design studio is nothing short of inspiring. Her work at Z Squared Studio stands as a testament to the beauty that emerges when different perspectives, inspired by nature and powered by AI, converge to create something truly special.

2. The Essence of Z Squared Studio

Z Squared Studio is not just about creating aesthetically pleasing designs; it's about diving deep into the essence of a business to uncover its unique personality. Rizza helps small businesses translate their essence into compelling brand visuals and strategic websites. It's all about making sure a business's online presence works tirelessly in its favor, aligning strategy with beauty.

3. The Creative Process and AI Tools

Rizza brings an interesting perspective to the conversation around AI in the creative process. Contrary to the fear that AI might stifle creativity, she views it as a creative partner—an extra mind that brings fresh, unexpected ideas to the table. Using tools like Midjourney and ChatGPT, Rizza leverages AI for brainstorming and as a starting point for designs, ensuring that the final product carries a personal touch and aligns with her clients' visions.

4. Advice for Navigating AI in Design

For designers hesitant about integrating AI into their workflow, Rizza suggests starting small. Whether it's planning a website's outline or crafting the initial draft of web copy, AI can serve as a powerful assistant, helping to streamline the creative process and spark new ideas.

5. The Future of Art and Design with AI

Rizza believes in the power of AI to transform the creative industry positively. By using AI as a tool rather than a replacement for human creativity, designers can achieve results that were previously unthinkable. She emphasizes the importance of strategy and intention behind every design decision, whether AI-assisted or not.


- Blending Natural Inspiration with AI: Rizza's journey and the founding of Z Squared Studio.

- The Essence of Z Squared Studio: Focusing on personality and strategy in design.

- The Creative Process and AI Tools: Embracing AI as a creative partner.

- Advice for Navigating AI in Design: Starting small and integrating AI gradually.

- The Future of Art and Design with AI: The positive impact of AI when used as a tool.

Rizza Marvel's story and insights serve as a beacon for those navigating the intersection of creativity and technology. By embracing AI as an ally in the creative process, designers can explore new horizons and bring their unique visions to life in ways that resonate deeply with their audiences.

Don't forget to tune in to the "AI Advantage" show for more enriching conversations like this, and visit Z Squared Studio to witness firsthand the fusion of nature, creativity, and artificial intelligence in design.

What are your thoughts on using AI in creative work? Have you experimented with AI in your designs or projects? Share your experiences and let's continue the conversation.


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