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6 reasons why good branding is important for your small business

If you gave me $10 at the beginning of the day and I gave you $20 at the end of the day, would you do it?⁠

Yes, you would!⁠ That is what good branding will do for your business. Double your investment. ⁠

Would you buy from a brand that is outdated and lackluster, OR a brand that is fresh, bold, and exciting? Definitely the latter. ⁠

A well-designed brand sells because it is a way of distinguishing yourself from the competitors and clarifying what it is you offer that makes YOU the better choice over your competitors. ⁠

Don't forget it's not only about the visuals, it's how people perceive your brand, it's the story and the emotion that your customers feel when they see your business for the first time.⁠

It’s time to view branding as an investment instead of another added cost. ⁠An investment that will help you to become more authoritative, attract loyal customers who are willing to pay higher prices for quality service, increase business value, and create trust with future customers. And that's just to name a few. ⁠

Here are six reasons why you should invest in brand design: 1. Branding Increases Financial Value

A strong brand often guarantees a future with the business. Customers will spend more on a brand they think or know is high quality. And that impression begins when they first set eyes on your brand design. The more valuable your company is perceived, the better the financial return.

2. Branding Improves Recognition

Think of your logo as the face of the company, it's what people first see and recognize with just a glance. A good brand logo is simple enough to catch someone's eye, but powerful enough to attract customers. Great logos can spark good feelings as well, it can remind someone of home or memories of happy times. It's the reason American travelers go to McDonalds in foreign countries--something that reminds them of home, it's familiar.

3. Branding is Advertising

Advertising your brand on the market is an important component of your business. You want your brand to advertise to your target demographic. If your brand doesn't speak to your desired customers, then it won't catch their eye or draw them in. Not only that, but the more places your put your brand, the more free advertisement you get! Put it on social media, on t-shirts, sunglasses, mugs, whatever you want to get the brand out in the world.

4. Branding Creates Trust

People want to spend money on high quality products, but that means you have to follow through and gain their trust. You want you customers to tell their friends, "It's SO worth the $300, you HAVE to buy one." This will build trust with your clients and future customers. The credibility of your brand is always at stake, but once you convince everyone it's worth it, the more business you'll get and the more revenue!

5. Branding Generates Customers

Once you've created your brand logo and gain customer trust, you're set on your way to automatically generate new customers. The hardest work is done now you can let your brand attract people from word of mouth or simple recognition. Profitable companies successfully establish themselves as the leader in their industry. A good brand, logo, and good delivery speaks for itself!

6. Branding Inspires Employees

Employees need more than just tedious work, they need something to work towards. You want your employees to be inspired by your mission so they take pride in their work and freely advertise for your business. Disgruntled employees can destroy your business's reputation. Think of Patagonia, their employees are treated well and believe whole-heartedly in their mission to provide the best outdoor gear that they will freely wear the product like a flag wrapped around them.

If you're ready to take the leap towards a more profitable brand send me an email at

Let's see what good branding can do for your business!


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