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Here you will find design tips and tricks along with the show notes to my podcast. Stick around a while to learn about branding, web design and business tips.


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The Difference Between Logo and Brand Design

You know you want a logo but you're not sure if you need brand design?  Maybe you don't know what brand design is? Read this blog post to find out. 

Learn More About Branding


How to Find Your Signature Style - ep. 3

Hey everyone! One of the hardest things as an artist is finding a way to separate yourself from everyone else and the way that you do that is by finding your signature style. So I thought a great episode would be talking about how you would find your signature style. So let's dive in.

The Moment Brand Design Changed My Business - ep. 2

Hey guys! Today's podcast is fun it's going to be about the moment that brand design changed my business forever. Mainly being a logo designer in the beginning stages of my business I didn't really know much about brand design but when I finally came across it little did I know that it was exactly what my business needed. Here's my story.


What is Branding - Brand Design 101 - ep. 1

Hey there! Today I want to talk about branding and why it's needed if you want to run a successful business that sticks out from the rest. We will go back to the basics and talk about what branding is. What are the different pieces of branding and where brand design fits into all of it. Let's get started!

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Meet Your Alaskan Designer

and I believe design should represent everything you want it to.

Hello I'm Rizza

Nothing more. Nothing less.


Relying on strategy and inspired by personality, I help business owners across industries and in all stages build brands that help them stick out from their competition.


And, I’d love to help build yours next.

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