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7 benefits of asking for help for your small business

Asking for help is the best thing you can do for your business. However, self-starters can be reluctant to ask for help or advice. There's a stigma that asking for help is unprofessional. Or maybe it's a pride thing, proving to your friends and family that you can achieve success on your own. Entrepreneurs want to come across as competent and confident, that they can take on the world alone...

Let's break that stigma! After all, nobody is perfect. You can't be good at everything life throws at you and that's okay. If you want a successful business and avoid simple mistakes, put your ego aside and ask for support!

Here are 7 benefits to asking for help:

1. You will find new energy.

Handing off certain tasks to someone else can enhance your sense of purpose and keep you moving. Anyone else have trouble posting consistent blogs? Collaborate with a friend or hire a a blog writer to help take care of that for you! It will allow you to focus on other tasks while maintaining your rhythm.

2. There is room for business growth.

Instead of working on things in your business that you don't want to do (i.e. responding to emails, content creation, graphic design), ask for help and then you can work on tasks that truly bring you joy and bring in the money. After all, time is money and money means expansion.

3. You will gain new perspectives.

Learning about how others solve problems can inspire changes to your own systems and can eventually lead to new opportunities. Humans learn from one another, it's in our nature. Workshop ideas with your friends and peers and you may come up with different, even better ideas than the one you started with.

4. Save time.

As much as we try, no one has time to master everything. From copywriting to website design to blog writing to social media, there's just not enough time to learn everything you need to do for your business AND do it well. So hire that Instagram manager, or virtual assistant, or freelance writer it will be worth the investment and at the same time expand your business network.

5. Personalize your learning.

Asking for help will allow you to customize your learning to your own needs and wants. Like I said before, we can't learn everything, no matter how much we may try! It's impossible to be focused on every topic around you. Even rocket scientists specialize in specific projects or tasks and it takes a team to send a rocket to space. Seek help in your specific, targeted project and you'll learn exactly what you need to learn as opposed to generic information you may never put to use.

6. Your business will grow faster.

When you focus on customized help that works for you and your business, you allow yourself to learn exactly what you need and quickly. You'll feel more motivated and excited to work. There's value in learned and asking for help from others in your field. At the same time, having other people around keeps your accountable to your work and in turn, you'll watch your business progress!

7. You'll grow you network and build great connections.

Last, but certainly not least, working with others introduces you to new people and gives you the chance to make great, lasting connections. There's nothing more valuable to entrepreneurs and self-starters than a decent network. It's all about who you know and exposure. Knowing the right people can catapult your small business into success. Your mentors, colleagues, and employees are the people who work with you first hand. They trust you and can refer people to you business or vise versa. It's important to grow your network and maintain good connections in the business world.

Clearly, there’s so much value in asking for help.

It benefits you, your business, and other entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you. That’s a win-win-win situation!

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