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5 reasons why white space is important in design

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Let's talk about WHITE SPACE, baby!

Implementing white space in your brand design will give it an instant facelift. So, what is this magical design trick? White space is the space between texts, graphics, images, and blocks. It is also known as negative space or blank space.⁠ ⁠

Have you ever been on a website with long, hard to read paragraphs that were so intimidating you just skip over it? ⁠ ⁠

That is the first indicator of not enough white space.⁠ ⁠

So, why is white space important for your brand, or really, any design? Because unless your intention is to stress out your audience, you need a space where they can rest their eyes and focus on the important elements presented to them. Filling space with as much information or "noise" about your product or message turns people away. Our brains become so overwhelmed, it stops absorbing information altogether.

You want to keep your audience away from distraction and clutter and you do that with simplicity. Here are five reasons why you should effectively use white space in your design:

1. Balance

You need the Yin and Yang of balance when it comes to your design. Have lots of heavy text and images? Balance it out with white space! The average person does not want to spend more time reading about your product than it takes to decide if they want it. Catch them with just the right amount of information and space.

2. Emphasis

You want to emphasize the most important elements to the viewer. White space helps direct viewers' eyes to your words or product. People do not want to search for your message, make it easy for them and they're more likely to come back or buy from you!

3. Readability

It's proven that white space leads to better readability and comprehension. This can be as easy as spacing out your paragraphs and separating photos from text.

4. Sophistication

Think of luxury, what do you see? Not the clutter of a hoarder's home you see on TV. Simplicity is sophistication when it comes to designing your brand. Adding white space will give you an upscale aura and professionalism.

5. Attraction

Eyes are drawn to what stands out the most. Think about a wall of graffiti, your eyes will focus on the art that stands out or is different from the rest of the art around it. White space takes out all the noise and focuses the viewer on the most important thing.

White space is not a waste of space, in fact, so much intention goes into white space, it's practically the most important part of designing your brand. So don't be shy, use as much white space as you need!


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