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How to Double Your Income with Great Website Design

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Think of your website as a physical storefront. What draws customers in? What changes someone's mind from window shopping to physically entering the shop? What keeps them there and wanting more?

My favorite shops are the ones that feel welcoming. The product is accessible, the customer service is natural and not pushy, and I feel comfortable that my money is well spent.

When people see your website for the first time, wouldn't you want your customers to feel just as welcomed?

Imagine you walk into your favorite coffee shop. The smell of coffee roasting, the beautiful, local art on the wall, the sound of steamed milk and light chatter. It's a vibe, it's a feeling, it's homey. THAT is how your website should be designed, warm, cozy, and welcoming.⁠

Always stay on top of your website making sure it's up to date and easy to navigate. A faulty, outdated, and unappealing website can make your business appear cold and aloof. ⁠Online shops can be difficult because the competition is world wide! If a customer cannot find what they're looking for quickly, it could take a matter of seconds for them to move on to the next.

Here are 3 things your website should have on it's home page:

1. A Header and Tagline

So when a person visits your website, they know exactly what you can do for them in a clear, concise message or one-liner.

People love to skim, they hardly have the time or patience to read anymore. Which is why you want to capture their attention quickly. Make sure your tag line is front and center and is the FIRST thing people see.

2. Call to action (CTA) buttons

Sign up, subscribe, try for free, learn more, join us, book now have CTA buttons EVERYWHERE. This will let your visitors to know exactly what you want them to do at all times. You want to keep them on your website as long as possible and what better way than to pave the path for them? It may feel like your are overselling your services but most people undersell so you will actually stand out by being confident in your offer.

3. Clear separations

There are so many websites that have no clear division between sections. You want each section to stand out from each other so when people view your website the content is clear and they don't have to think about what they are looking at. They are able to quickly skim your site and can find exactly what they are looking for.

You can divide sections with blocks of color. Decorative lines, quotes, photos, as long as there is clear separation the design is up to you.

There are so many more ways to liven up your website and draw customers to you. If you're ready to double your income and bring in more clients with a website that's warm and welcoming, reach out to me through my website for more information!


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