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How to Feel Accomplished Day to Day

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Have you ever sat down, got to work, watched hours pass by and felt like you've gotten nothing done all day? ⁠ ⁠

Normally, when I feel like this (which, admittedly, is a lot), I have three or four projects on my computer screen and I'm bouncing around like a maniac trying to get pieces done here and there.⁠ One project would take days, even weeks to complete because I was spending hours on multiple things at once. When in reality, I was only spending a couple minutes on a project at a time, making the project longer than necessary.

Well recently, I have discovered the magic of batch working! The idea is to focus on ONE project and focus on it for a specific amount of time before switching gears. Whether it's one hour, two hours, or every Monday, make your schedule and focus on that one project. ⁠

When you focus on one project, you'll soon find completed project after completed project! I'm sure you're like me where you have twenty or more unfinished projects laying around just hoping to finish them "someday." ⁠ ⁠

Well, "someday" is the day you decide to change habits and focus. Batch working has saved me from so much unnecessary anxiety. I finished my website rebrand in a single day of strict focus. I got into such a flow it was hard to get off my computer! I felt more accomplished than I had in a while.

There are many apps out there to help you stay focused on what you're doing, such as Toggl or Todoist that keep time and keep you on track. If you're like me and have a difficult time focusing, these apps could help you! They key is figuring out what works best for you. Anyways, I hope that helps fellow scatterbrains out there who want to be more efficient!


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