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The Difference Between Logo and Brand Design

One of the questions that I get asked frequently is what is the difference between logo brand design and I'm here to tell you that the difference is bigger than you think.

What is Branding?

Before we talk about brand design I want to briefly talk about what is branding in general. Branding is the an all-encompassing experience that a person shares with a product/service. It's the feeling you get when you interact with a business.

Branding is the reason you pay $5 for your Venti iced vanilla latte instead of $3 for a generic latte. It is also the reason you knew I was talking about Starbucks just because you saw the word Venti. Branding is the heart and personality behind your business. It is what your customers connect with and what will help them choose YOU over your competitors

Within branding there are different pieces to a brand that work together. Theres your visual brand, which are the visual of your business, logo, website, social media graphics etc.

Brand voice which is how you talk to your customers and craft your messaging. Maybe that's in a professional and serious tone or energetic and full of hip words and exclamation points.

Brand personality which could be corporate and professional or laid back and fun, this is all about your target market and the people you want to attract.

Brand image which are the pictures or images you choose to represent your brand. So if your brand personality is professional you're probably wearing a suit and smiling directly into the camera. Or maybe your brand personality is more laid back and your photoshoots are full of pastel colors and twirling in your summer dress.

How does logo design fit in branding?

Logo design is a very small piece of brand design. Your logo is a symbol that is used to identify your business. That's it. It's one piece of the puzzle within a much larger picture. In the end your logo should not be the end all be all. You don't need to your logo to represent everything in your business. That is what brand design is for. In fact the more simple the logo the better. Take Apple and Nike for example, simple logos that are built along side a strong brand.

What is brand design?

Think of your brand as an iceberg the 10% you see above water is what your customers and clients see. It is what will make your business stand out from competitors. It’s the overall visual identity of your business. It's your logo, website, social media platforms, ads, and everything else you create visually for your business, which you want to look visually consistent. This means sticking to a color palette, type suite, and brand vibe.

But what about the other 90% Of the iceberg that is underwater? The part of your brand that you don't see is the core, this is the part that really matters.

By Building the core of your brand first we can make sure that your brand resonates with your clients and we build a solid foundation for a brand that is timeless. In my business we do this via a brand assessment (learn more about my process here).

We will find out who your target market is, your goals, how you want to be perceived by your customers and more.

Summing it all up logo design is a symbol in your business that is only a small piece of your brand while your brand is the overall personality of your business. It is what your customers connect with and what will help them choose YOU over your competitors. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email at Happy Designing! Rizza

Z Squared Studio is a graphic design studio based in Juneau, Alaska specializing in Brand/Logo Design and Website Design. If you've been looking for unique Alaskan themed logos, memorable branding and a website that sells for you email Rizza at or check out our website to learn more


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