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5 Instagram layout ideas

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Not sure how to curate your Instagram feed? Here are 5 Instagram layout ideas to get those creative juices flowing and to keep your feed interesting and follow worthy.

1. Horizontal

Really easy to follow, just takes a little bit of planning. Play around with colors, quotes, photography sessions, or even create a horizontal spread into 3 squares for some visual interest (ex: bottom of the left image)

2. Vertical

Taking a bit more mind power and creative thinking to create this layout the results can be eye-catching and unique. Use a social media planner if you don't want to think about it. I like to use the app Later. ( An easy way to achieve this look is to commit to keeping only 1 row vertical instead of all three (ex: furthest right).

3. 3x3

Consider breaking up one post into 3, 6, or even 9 different sections. It could attract more profile views if people get curious and want to see the whole image. Instead of creating your whole feed this way consider using this layout as a visual piece once in a while (ex: image on the right).

4. Checkerboard

I like to use this layout with a mixture of the diagonal layout (see next slide) to give my feed variety. Since I am a graphic designer I try and go between graphics and pictures for a collision between my work and my personality.

5. Diagonal

As Americans, we read right to left and in a Z motion, so I like incorporating some diagonal layouts in my feed. I like to play with colors or photos from the same photoshoot. You can play with visuals from top left to the bottom right or top right to bottom left.


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